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I have a few soaps.. ok soaps (changed title because Maryann told me too *s*)


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Bubble Gum Swirl and a few novelties (and extra bars) - Some Pumice Peppermint & MC Footsie Soap (there's 3 small one's and I used the 5 oz milky Way molds too) - one has cassia in it for a co-worker (the bar w/ brown in it has cassia - that's mine) .....

I frosted my chocolate cake too :D I can't frost a cake for anything *lol*- it should look a little better when I can move it



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Thank you everyone! That means a lot from all you seasoned soapers!

Maryann, I used Bitter Creek North's Bubble Gum... Thank God it didn't change to brown on me! It I used exactly 27 grams for my 2 lb batch and tbk's (I forgot the name of the company) bubble gum & neon pink colors.

I used way too much BC Candy Corn (2.5 oz for the 2 lb batch not .5oz for the 16 oz of fats - I'm learning) and the entire batch turned to a dark brown.. I rebatched and made a sweet spice cake (the little cake in the picture) and log w/ a hint of Pumpkin Pie FO from BC....

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