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Candy Corn CP Soap


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OK here's my SS nightmare Sharon (one of many)! I was very good about going to their site to use the charts and I measured exact too! It looked AWESOME!! The bottom layer was a nice bright shade of yellow, then I poured a nice bright shade of orange, and finally used TD for the white and stuck it in the oven. I was so disappointed when I took it outta the mold :sad2:. It looked like the colors switched places (yellow and orange), then a day later they faded to almost the same shade. I scented it WVS as I knew this FO from Millcreek does well in CP w/ no fading or discoloring at 1oz per lb. I dipped the candy corn in M&P to "glue" them onto the soap for eye candy. When someone's really to use the soap, the c. corns pop right off.



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at least your didn't turn an ENTIRE DARK brown color... I had the layers right and everything... well I rebatched and made a spice bar and a mini spice cake.. I'm whipping my soap now for frosting.... (God I know I should have melted my sal butter)....

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