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Bayrum, Clean Cotton & Amazing Grace


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The first is TSW Baryrum, swirled w/French Green Clay, smells wonderful


2nd is NG Clean Cotton, not exactly my favorite but I had a LB and it is a good seller so I took the plunge, I call this one Fresh Linen but would like to get a better name for this one. For some reason I have been into the reverse swirl lately


3rd is a restock of SC Amazing Grace, reverse swirl, body safe glitter on top, I call it Purely Graceful, one of my favorites





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All of these are just beautiful and inviting. I bought a bar at a craft fair scented Bay Rum a while back. I had no idea how much I would like that scent. Smells really good on a man. My personal scent is Amazing Grace, so I guess you know I'm wanting a bar of that!

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