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My first layered soap


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OK, here it is.

The top and bottom have no FO, but were made with condensed GM in place of all the water.

The middle was made with half & half for the liquid and wiht the Peak Crack Cocaine (aka Coconut Banana Blast) FO at 2X the level I meant to use it (thus 1.4 oz ppo!!). The FO discolores to such a rich dark brown it's almost black - and I love it!

BTW, I recommend AGAINST using milk for ALL the liquid for the very first time while also layering for the first time and with very small batches to begin with!


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yea it does look like an inside out peanut butter cup (which is the closest we'll be getting since DS is allergic to peanuts!).

I planed some of the bars down to take out bubbles (mid-section thickened up MUCH too fast!) and the shavings look ultra cool!

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The goats milk portion turned kinda a caramel color. I used the evaporated GM for ALL the liquid, and that was rough to get the lye into. I think I'll stick with powdered going in super concentrated at thin trace next time instead - this was too hard!

Or if you want you can use half water and half the evaporated GM. I was going for a super rich batch!

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Great look

Those calories aren't absorbed through the skin are they:wink2:


Nice looking soaps CG. I thought I would choke on the crack comment. :laugh2:

They only absorb through the ass and hip region. If you avoid washing with them in those area's you should be okay I think.

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I LOVE the colors.....very nice job! It looks like a peanut butter cup.....mmmmmmmm!

great comparison, it looks exactly like those. lol

i have been holding off on trying to layer until i get a slab mold, but after seeing these, it think i may try it out soon in my log mold.

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