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Woodlands TX - making CP soap


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Hi - I'm new at making cold process - and have been setting up my 'workshop' to begin soapmaking. Any last minute things I should know?

I have read several books on the steps, and at the moment, awaiting to

get my order from Snowdrift Farms. I would like to purchase Lye closer to home - anyone know of places that I can get this stuff closer to home?

I am just doing this to keep my head busy until I figure out what I want

to do in life...haha....and until I get a permanent home. Maybe in

a year I will know for sure where my life will take me.

My long term goal is to have a small business - but for now -

this is about as far as I can take it. I used to have a small

candle business for local sales only - and that was fun.

And that is about how I want to keep it - FUN!!!

Please say hello and let me know your story and how you got started.





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Crap, deleted my reply. :)

Ah well. I started off in my basement making crockpot soap but quickly migrated up to the kitchen with CT (or RTCP), where I still am. I like the kitchen better. Would *love* a soap workshop, but... just not that fortunate.

The one thing I'd caution (besides bracing yourself for a new addiction ;)) is remember the gloves, goggles and mask for the lye. Have fun!!

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My last-minute advice on soaping.

1. Read and research your brains out. Make sure you have a good, basic understanding of the soapmaking process. You've probably already done that part. :) But remember that much of the fine-tuning and many of the little details we learn about soaping are best gleaned from EXPERIENCE. So reading is great, but eventually you've just got to jump in and DO it. ;)

2. Choose a tried & true recipe that is nicely balanced between oils that are good for conditioning, such as olive; oils that are good for lather, such as pko, castor, or coconut; and oils that are good for bar hardness, such as palm. I've posted a simple beginner recipe on this forum if it might be of help to you. :) I usually shoot for 40-60% hard oils (coconut, palm, pko, etc.) and 40-60% soft oils (olive, castor, soy -- whatever is generally liquid at cool room temp). My beginner recipe is 50-50.

3. Soap when you are well rested and free from distractions. No pets or little kids running underfoot. Ignore the phone. As long as you are careful, you'll do just fine!


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