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Please post your favorites from BCS


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Citrus Splash

Spiced Cranberry

Cinnamon Surprise

Vanilla Extract

Sissie's Sugar Cookies

Green Tea Blend (I like to mix this with a Pineapple FO and call it Herbal Island)

Didn't care for:

Country Sunshine (got this one as a free sniffie)

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OMG it is going on now.I got in on the last one but missed BCN because sister was in Hospice.So Need to check it out.Need to get with the program.

Oh I think I got Wildberry Zinger Tea there last time.Anyway it is awesome.Granddaugther picked just one she wanted to make for me and she and my husband made it.It was out of sight.Love it.Now one of my favorite scents.You gotta get it.

Thank You,


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Does anyone know how they ship these samples? I've never ordered from either BCS nor BCN since I can't stand navigating through their sites (I hate how the shopping cart is separate grrr).

I rec'd a few sniffies from someone here and would now like to order some 1 ozers to test with but don't want to pay and arm and leg for shipping. ;)

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