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Let's talk sex


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as in Sexy Scents.

I'm curious what others find to be sexy. Now I just got a bottle of total sexy from a pre-buy and I'm going to blame Sherie for my latest heat flash, :laugh2: , but I would say Axe Touch has got to be the best man-in-a-bottle scent out there lol.

I'll add to my list of sexy scents:

Strawberry Musk

Drakkar (that's like heat in a bottle :tongue2: )

but I would like to know what others think.

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I love some manly Green Irish Tweed :) Guess I'd better order some Touch too, just so I can compare, lol.

Though I do think I am the only one alive that doesn't like Strawberry Musk.

For myself, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to find an oil that smells like my fave discontinued perfume - Venezia by Laura Biagiotti. :drool:

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MY Musclehead brother used to bath in that, did not know what a dab was?

Yes, other then Guido's. Woman like the scent too. :smiley2: I am wondering Scentie, do you bring the laptop to bed? 5 MILLION posts. Wow.

What a shame candywich. Although more than a dab is enough.

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I made a blend of Cedarwood & Benzoin e.o's & it's just :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: smells like woodsmoke & that makes my knees go weak!

Sandalwood, Black Pepper & Benzoin e.o's is lovely too....

In fact any earthy fragrance with benzoin would smell sexy to me, or Ylang Ylang & Patchouli.

I haven't found any F.o's that have quite the same effect on me yet.



Hey Cindym this is as close to sex as I get just now..lol

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I have teenage boys who bathe in that axe stuff, and it lingers in the air forever, I absolutely hate it now. I used to tthink it was a nice scent, but those kids over do it :spit: .

My favorite male fragrance is Tribute for Men by Mary Kay :drool:

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