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Whipped Shea Purgatory


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Got whipped shea butter? You know, normally I don't screw things up too often, but today is just not my day. So I'm making whipped shea butter, and everything's cruising along to plan. Then I accidentally added DOUBLE the usual amount of lavender eo and vitamin E oil. Grrrr-eeeaaaattt, now I get to double the batch size I needed. I mean, seriously here, I am somewhat hard of smelling, and even *I* was gagging and getting a lavender eo headache. :eek:

Now if I can only convince my customers that their choices on whipped shea butter scents are lavender, lavender, or lavender. :grin2:

Off to go see what else I can screw up today. Please excuse me while I go slip into a lavender-induced coma. :tongue2:

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I did the same thing with creme brulee a couple of weeks ago--twice. Once with a batch of soap and then again with fbb. I finally put that bottle in the back room. Now, to find enough people that will want all this!

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I love lavender, but I'm sure a whole wack of it in a small container of shea butter would be a little overwhelming. I feel better when I scream how I am such a TWIT when I make soaping mistakes! Then I just have a nice laugh about how I just yelled outloud and talked to myself! LOL:p

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