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I made my first Rustic Today


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No lol, but are you opposed to melting it down again?

There's something you can try with the swish if I can just explain it.

I'd say swish more gently (and you'd say WTH are you talking about.) So, either sloppily pour the wax into the mold and then dump and wait about 10-15 seconds before pouring again and then pour normal. OR don't swish till the wax starts to look like it's cooling down and then tilt your mold and roll it 360 degrees. Do that a couple of times and don't be so exact about where the wax rolls and see what you get. And if that didn't make sense ... just keep practicing and take notes as to what you can do when you manipulate the wax, like what effects you can get.

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OK, this is a crappy pic but I saw the other one. Your coloring is good. Looks to me like you waiting to long to pour the next layer. The "swishing" or splashing of the wax should spread a very thin layer above the pour line of that layer, which should get melted when the next layer is poured.

The purpose of this thin layer is to have it melt and blend when you pour the next, for a very subtle effect. Timing is critical. You need to wait until the current layer has a skin forming, but if you move the candle in your hand you can still see the wax moving beneath the layer that is setting up. If you pour too soon, the wax will break through the current layer, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Depending upon the thickness of the layer, 15-20 minutes is a good rule of thumb. If you wait too long, the layers will not blend, which is what I suspect is happening here.

LOL you made me look for my first Rustic,

Birth of a Rustic Addict They are so addictive; keep it up.

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