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I'm in a panic...any ideas?

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My DD's friend got married this past Saturday. I have her bouquet of 24 (well, 23, I killed one) roses in my refrigerator. She wants me to somehow put a rose or roses in a candle! No, I didn't agree to something I have no clue how to do, I just got the bouquet! She in on her honeymoon in Mexico and I have no idea what to do.

I bought some roses to practice with and all I have left are stems and ulcers. (I did feel like Morticia Adams cutting all the roses off the stems.)

When you press daisies, they look like daisies. When you press roses, they look like crap. I have dried some, pressed some, tried to make a hurricane, made balloon orbs and tried to stick petals on (damn, Donita made that look easy!), all crap.

Does anyone have any ideas for me? I thought about encasing one in acrylic and putting it in the bottom of a jar, but I have no clue how to do that! I need to do something before this girl comes home to 23 dead roses.

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It is a suggestion and I thank you, but I don't think I can learn gel candles and flower preservation at the same time.

I found soemthing called Everlasting Elegance. It is used to made fake water for silk flowers. It sets up solid and clear...anyone know if I could seal a live rose in it?

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What about in a container type candle? Like the jars that have the hollowed out lids you can put stuff in. I know theres something you can treat the roses with to preserve them...just dont know what...This pic is from an older post of someone elses, but it's an idea..Hope I helped a little.


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No you cant put the live rose in the everlasting elegance... it is a 2 part mixable resin...takes 2+ days to cure and set up, creates heat as it cures, also the rose will decay in the mixture and discolor.( Now you CAN use the E.E. with FAKE roses embedded if you can find ones that look like hers and then use the real ones in another way) You can have the flowers prof. freezedried and use them in a display in the lid or you could dry the petals adn use them as others have stated .

Good luck, wish I had somne helpful answers for you...:sad2: ler us know what you find out...

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Is she "Bridezilla" or something? She may have asked you to do the impossible. Don't stress too much over it, if she wanted to save her flowers, she should have had her bouquet preserved.

I agree. She should have had her bouquet pressed and preserved by a florist that specializes in that.

You can press the petals and use them as embeds but there isn't really a way to preserve the entire bouquet in candle. You can dry the buds and use those as embeds too but if you've already lost one rose, I doubt they will dry very well. You hang them upside down to dry. HTH.

IMO, saving your bouquet is a silly idea anyway, you are supposed to toss it for good luck.

ADD: I just thought of something....is there a picture of her bouquet? You could do a photo hurricane with the picture. Just an idea....

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