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First Carving attempts

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OK...I KNOW this is WAY out of my element, and like I really NEEDED something else to keep my hands busy :rolleyes2 ....so here they are.....my first 6 carved candles. If you squint your eyes they don't look too bad LMAO.

Bruce...if you see this, PLEASE "X" out immediately and save us both the embarrassment to YOUR craft!

Have to say, it is a lot of fun but I don't have a clue what to do with all these things...OH I KNOW.....they will be for THOSE relatives for Christmas;) !!!!


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Thanks everyone!!! You are all very kind and inspiring.....makes me want to keep the tanks hot!

I just finished carving my first "ANGEL"...and OMG...she has a seriously square jawline..OK...square HEAD.......and her hands....well....she looks more like she is .....Woops...nevermind.....lets just say I need to learn how to do praying hands.:laugh2:

This stuff is cracking me up. Too much glaze!

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