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Facial Soap


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What is your favorite ingredient in facial soap besides




Some type of clay

Olive oil

Any more suggestions on a really great facial soap?

I really need some answers from all you experts.

Also I will send you a sliver to try if you will help me out.:highfive:

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Carrots?? Never heard or tried that in a soap, what's it do/feel like? Sounds interesting. Oh wait I have used carrot tanning oil before.
I had a friend that uses alot of carrots in her soaps. They also put things like cucumbers, and fruits in there too.

My favorite my facial soap is castor, olive, and rice bran. I don't know why but I sure like those oils in soap. Now if I was making a scrub, I would use jojoba

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I love peaches n cream fo. I wondered if the carrot puree would be the thing to add to my soap recipe to get a peach color. How dark does the carrot soap get? Do any of you have good luck using a peach scent.Mine fades quickly but is so great at first.

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