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anyone use this site, I had went to another site to find dye and they had a link for SS, so I went there and ordered some dye. That was on the 9th they wont answer my emails their site says they dont answer the phone and now when I go to the site to look up the dye I cant even find it listed.

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yes thats it! I just found the right one myself. I had read good things about them too so Im wondering myself. I checked pp and they did get the money the day I ordered it. I would feel much better if they would answer my emails. Hopefully they will the last one I sent

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I was going to post a thread and ask the same question. I ordered on the same day as you did and I have sent two emails with no response. I would like to know if my order has at least shipped? Not a memember of The Dish. If anyone pm's the owner would you mind telling her that there is a thread here that she may want to take a look at?

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I'm here! :yay:

We use spam arrest and have been having problems with it deleting emails, sending them to spam folder.

I've been trying to keep on top of the emails. I'm actually about to just cancel spam arrest, the hassles are not worth it.

All orders from the July sale have been shipped. The last just this past weekend.

If ever in doubt and you can't reach me via email (in which you should get an email from spam arrest asking you to authenticate your email addy with us), contact me at the dish, the whisk or even here. I visit the boards back and forth while I'm online printing labels or doing invoicing in qb.

Sorry about that!

Thanks Julia! :cool2:

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