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? About Therapeutic Wax

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I have a customer needing Therapeutic Wax for a dipping vat, my question is...

Is Therapeutic Wax a special kind of wax or can you use a straight paraffin and what whould be the safe melt point?

I have looked up Therapeutic Wax but I can't find much detail about the wax and the prices for this wax is very high priced.

Prices I have seen are $28.00 for 6 LB's. I can get IGI 2281 with a melt point of 124*F for only $11.95 for 10 LB's.

Thanks for any help, Candle Man

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NG sells wax specifically for this, it's cheap, and it works wonderfully! I'm not sure of the melt point thought, and have often wondered what "normal" wax could be used.

Thanks, I will check them out since I also order FO from them.

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