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what are you using for color


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Im new here and I see you ladies have the most colorful soap ever.

I wanted to know what are you using? I see post about FO making color and the drys; but I couldn't find a thread just about where you get you colors or what you use so Im asking for a list; I would like to use colors and make some swirls. i have only made a few bars just getting into it but i think if i had color i wuld be more excited and do more.

Thanks in advance :grin2:

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has anyone ordered from here they show examples of how the soap will come out with the FO and the flora additives


I have ordered some fos and eos from them, they were quick to ship and the packaging was great. They ship in amber glass, I like that.

Haven't tried their colorants but I wouldn't hesitate to order them.

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Well I haven't tried it (yet) but I read where people have used crayons :shocked2: And I figured it might just bring back that discussion that crops up once every couple of months....lol

And I think I just saw another mica/oxide co-op going on......those are always wonderful choices for colors....:D

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