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Soap Mold Suppliers


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Whether they're slab, log, or individual molds, who are your suppliers for soap molds? I thought it might be helpful if we could list them all in one place. I'll start with some I have bookmarked:

Bitter Creek North: http://www.candlesupply.com/

Captain Mike's: http://www.thecaptainstouch.com/moldscutters.htm

Chestnut Farms: http://www.chestnutfarms.com/Soap_and_supplies/index.htm

Creekside Soaps: http://www.creeksidesoaps.com/supplies/equipment.htm

Kangaroo Blue: http://www.kangarooblue.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=20

Majestic Mountain Sage: http://www.thesage.com/catalog/Molds.html?mmsID=65eeb1b7b2ad5b933bc4248ca8c25b3a

Oregon Trail Soap Supplies: http://www.oregontrailsoaps.com/

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Now that Y'all have listed suppliers would you please edit the supplier list to add info about their shipping (good, fast, slow, to high, etc.) and about their customer service.

I hate trying a new supplier just to find out later that they have poor customer service, take forever in shipping, their shipping prices are to high or they tack on high handling charges, either listed on their site or hidden charges. I like to read info about suppliers, if I can, before I try them.

Thanks, Candle Man

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Well I'll vouch for service with BCN, Kangaroo Blue and there are others here that will say Oregon Trails is dynamite too. BCN and Kangaroo Blue are speedy in expediting orders and both have answered any questions I've had in a quick manner. I'd give their customer service high ratings. I've not been disappointed in turn around regardless of what I get from either place.

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Candle Man & Carol: I hear what you're saying, but I've found that one person's bad supplier is another's good one. So for every opinion we could write next to a supplier's name here, we'd get a contradictory one no doubt. I can envision a really looong thread from that. ;)

I do know of a place where people post about their vendor experiences, but out of respect for the TOS of this forum I won't put a link to it here. If you'd like more information feel free to PM me. Or if you have a question about a particular supplier you could start a thread specifically for that, I think.

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