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Creme Brulee fo


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I just got it from Candle Science this past weekend. It is yummy. I used it in my goat milk M&P base, but I got distracted and put too much in. Trying to correct it now. I also mixed it with a goat milk body glaze from KY. It is wonderful! Haven't tried it in wax yet!

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where is tristate? Have not heard of them before. Also what is the website info?

Thanks so much,



or Carolinacandlesupply.com

Sisters own them and they carry the same products. Tristate is in St Albans, WV and Carolins candles is in Charlotte, NC. I personally like Tristate better but that is because Joe from Tristate is the bomb! He is awesome and takes great care of me. and...I dont really care for Melissa at Carolina....lol

You will NOT be dissapointed in the Creme Brulee!!!!!

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Will they ship us mail for just one item?


If you ask Joe right nice he may...lol

I think the reson they dont do a lot of USPS is because they only go to the PO twice a week. lol...the warehouse is in the middle of NOWHERE!

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