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Thanks to Grumpygirl I am loving this Lovely Scent...LOL Smells so....well.... Lovely:D

The Fisherman's Soap---can't stand this smell it stinks to high heaven but I did get some cool swirling practice. Looks kinda girlie. I used Bronze coloring and ended up what you see..

Pink Sugar---:undecided Not what I wanted but looks better than my last batch

Clean-- I took some shavings from trimming some soaps scented Clean and made a small batch of Clean soap and incorporated the shavings. I used Blue for coloring the new batch but ended up with purple. Smells good though



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Ahhh an idea of what the bronze is gonna look like!

Yeah that Lovely is very nice!! It's been a little over a week since we did ours and the scent seems to get stronger.

Now whose PS did you use? I think I'm going to try the one I have that says it doesn't discolor in soap and see what it does.

I really like the colors of yours soaps!

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Sorry Carol, all I have left is the stinky soap..LOL just kidding. Pm if you want some for real.

Scented..the PS I have is from NG where is yours from? And the bronze was in the form of liquid dye didn't want you to think differently;) It's actually FD&C liquid dye from BCN I know it's not supposed to be for CP but thought I'd give it a shot..Since it's just for my hubby and his dad I figured it didn't matter what color.

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