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Favorite Fall/ Christmas personal mix


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I was reading about everyones favorite fall/Christmas scents and I was curious if anyone blended their own? Here is my favorite and it sells like crazy!! My number one seller in the fall and at Xmas time! I buy all of these at Save On Scents in the Ultra Concentrate version..I am sure you can use whaterver supplier you like best! I started mixing these with their one ounce samples an it was a huge hit. You can even play around with the amounts depending on what you like and the strength you prefer. I call this one NOEL.

.6 ounce Mac Apple

.6 ounce Cinnamon(regular warm cinnamon and not the red hots type)

.3 ounce Pear

Another good one is swap the Pear withe Mac Apple and you can call it Christmas PEARadise! I can't wait to hear if anyone has some personal blends they like to share!


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my best mix for x-mas is millcreek's spicy gingerbread and millcreek's gourmet sugar cookies 50/50. call it gingerbread cookies

for fall millcreek's apple jack n peel and pumpkin spice. 1 part apple jack and 2 parts pumpkin spice, i call it autumn harvest.

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I like mixing equal parts of Gingerbread and JS Sugared Clementine Spice (think warm orange gingerbread). Also mixing equal parts of those two, plus BCS Sugar Cookie. I love holiday scents and can't wait to try a zillion new ones this year, lol.

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I got my idea to make my personal mix from selling something similar for a big company here on the West Coast. . We were moving it out by the cases in 26 ounce jars.. I am sending out one of their candles to have it duped so I won't have to hassle with mixing it anymore. If anyone is interested...let me know.. I will send out sniffie samples if the dupe comes out as great as the candle is. I have never met anyone who did not like it.. I loved reading everyones mixes.. They sound wonderful!! This is why I love this board.. thanks for sharing!


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My all time favorite and best seller at cmas is .6 oz Willow Woods Cmas wreath, .6 oz. Candle Cocoon Winter Woodlands Whisper and .6 oz. Just Scent Cranberry Cobbler. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

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My favorite and one of my best sellers is 2 parts Strawberry to 1 part Dickens Christmas from LS. I was making them at the same time and accidently poured both scents into the same batch. My sis-n-law was there and thought it was the best smell ever, so I started making it and customers just love it because it is so different. ( I did add more wax to adjust to the scent overload just in case you were wondering):laugh2:

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This is a great thread!! Its nice to be able to get some ideas for something original.:)

I just found these in the BCS newsletter some of them sound really good!

Scent Mixing Ideas for Fall & Christmas:

Pumpkin Spice, Granny's Pie Crust, & Whipped Cream = Granny's Pumpkin Pie

Spiced Orange & Cranberry = Christmas Cranberry

Cranberry & Creme Brulee = Cranberry Brulee

Gingerbread & Buttercream = Gingerbread House

Maple Pecan, Roasted Chestnuts & White Chocolate = Nutcracker Sweet

Mulberry & Mulled Cider = Mulberry Cider

Cherry Vanilla & Roasted Chestnuts = Cherries & Chestnuts

Mulberry & Christmas Tree = Pine Berry Bough

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A few of my favorites:

Pomegranate (peaks) w/ Berry Creme Brulee (mcsoy)=Pomegranate ala mode

Spiced Cranberry w/ Key Lime (both peaks), dash of Cinnamon= Holiday Cosmopolitan

Peppermint w/ Sugar Cookies=Frosty's Nose

Honey Baked Pears w/ White Pine or Spruce=A Partridge in a Pear Tree

But my favorite has got to be the 9-layer red, white, and green candle I did last year. All fo's were from Mcsoy. I dont remember what order I layered them, but here there are:

Butterscotch Brittle

Chocolate Kisses

Cinnamon Sticks

Dutch Apple Pie

Grated Nutmeg


Candy Cane

Pumpkin Spice

Spicy Gingerbread

I know it sounds gross and weird, but I had taken alot of time deciding on where layers(scents) needed to be, so it came out smelling OH SO YUMMY! I still have a pic of it on my computer.

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