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Saved a Hurricane Owl

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I saved this candle....almost threw it out. When I was over dipping the cane......my finger broke off a piece at the top....ruined. So....I waited a day and decided to fill it up with wax and put in a plug. Now it has a tea light and can still be used. Takes me an hour to put on the flower petals and I was soooooooooooooo sad. Lesson here.....wait a day and re-think your problem....whatever it is. Donita


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Hi, Nice owl glad u saved his life :cheesy2: I made a few more photo canes today, not my day. Two came out good, one I dumped some water in it in the bath, what an experience...cool! guess I have to re melt that one. Or toss it out . I'm getting the hang of it tho. I'll keep on trying til I am proud of them.

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