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Chestnuts and Brown Sugar from JS

Fire and Ice

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Oh man, I had to pour that this week and Because it's SOOOOO sweet smelling I just about hurled! I put it off for weeks but HAD to pour it for the show I have coming up! I'm sure it will throw well in my soy but it's SO sweet smelling, I can't even test it!

I think this scent is even worse than Candy Corn where I DID get sick pouring. I renamed it too.

I would never have ordered this if I'd known how sweet it was! But you all raved about so I took the plunge. I hope it sells out because I'm going to advertise it as a liimited addtion because I CAN NOT stand to pour it again!:lipsrseal

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I selll this by the case in the fall. It is a great scent. My wholesalers sell tons and I get special requests from friends and family for gifts for the holidays. I had and woman from SC email me this summer to send her a case. I hate florals but I sell a ton of them. It's all about the customer. If you need my addy send on my way LOL

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Ohhhh... That scent sells so well for me year found!!

I get so many requests for it!! Fire, I bet whoever buys it will be asking you to make more of it!!

You might need a nose clip so you will be able to pour it for all the requests you will get...LOL :D

(That is what Home Sweet Home does to me... Can't stand the smell, makes me sick, but I have to pour it because it is a big seller for me)

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I made tarts out of this and just pour my first candle with 70/30 and love it! I sold all my tarts and have request for more. But I have noticed I have two different groups of customers the one side that is my clean,floral and musk customers that would hate it. Then my fruit and sweet customers and they all love it. The scents I never want to pour again is Jasmine or citronella! I just about hurled.

Suzanne H

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