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I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am wanting to start a website using godaddy.com as the host. I see they have good prices on hosting packages. If I buy one of their hosting packages I dont think it includes a shopping cart. So will I need to buy an additional package on top of that? I have tried calling them and three different people said three different things. I am really confused now!

Also for those of you who use godaddy.com who do you use as a merchant account? I see they have an option to buy on their site but it is way too expensive. I asked them if they are compatible with other merchant companies and no one would give me a direct answer.

Thanks for any help you can give!!

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I have 2 godaddy accounts, neither of which I have done a darn thing with. I chose godaddy because a friend of mine makes a living with websites and most of hers are through godaddy, so I figured it was the best deal or she wouldn't be using it so much. Now if I only get time to do SOMETHING with my 2 not yet even 'under construction' sites. :sad2:

There's tutorials on the godaddy site. Have you looked for one on shopping carts, merchant accounts, etc.?

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If you plan to use Go Daddy's hosting, I would probably recommend Mals for the shopping cart. BUT there are plenty of options out there. You can just register your domain with Go Daddy and host it elsewhere, it just all depends on what features you need.

Some recommendations for carts that I would have:







And if you use PayPal, you can create Buy Now buttons with them but strictly for the use with PayPal.

Hope that helps!

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i use godaddy for my site www.harvestglowcandles.com if you want to take a look. I host with them, use website tonight (this is a template driven site builder program), and I use the free Mals Cart.

Their prices are reasonable compared to having someone build your site - however, you lose some flexibility using the Website tonight software. I will have to say there technical help is hit and miss - I knew more than a few techs - and that's scary cuz I'm clueless with web design!!!

Overall though I am happy and you just need to keep the name of that one tech that has the answers for your future calls.

hope this helps you.:D

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I was using oscommerce, then went to oscommerceAUloaded (australian version) i wasn't happy with either of those for my business which i needed to be able to change image sizes etc. Which im sure it does allow but i couldn't figure it out. I now run both my business websites on cubecart and love it. I had the site templates designed for me but their forums are fantastic for support and links to tutorials etc. When i get the aromatherapy business going i'll definately use cubecart again. I just LUUUURRRRVVVEEE it :D

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