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Finally got pictures uploaded...

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These are what I've been up to lately. I've been bitten...now I need more supplies!! :laugh2:

First is Blackberry Sage in mold. The colors don't show thru here


Cut, the colors are creamy background, green, and dark purple


Next is some Castile Soap for my nephew in Vermont. Made with Olive, Lard, Mango Butter. It's 3lbs worth (I don't have all three lbs showing), and I had less than 1oz of Cotton Candy...but it smells amost like Play Dough to me. This was done a couple of weeks ago after Blackberry Sage...and still holding color! :whoohoo:

This picture was taken today.


Then comes Chocolate Latte from GreenLeaf. Smells like all chocolate at first...but the Latte comes later. Smelt so good my 6yr. old could smell it from in the back when I was pouring in mold and wanted to know if he could eat it! :laugh2:


looks good when cut and put back together too!


When I cut, this is what I found!:shocked2:


There is no Olive oil in the last one. I use Peacock Colors of Purple & Orange...then used a tiny bit of TEAL!! I made sure I incorporated all color in really well!! Even pouring in the mold....All I saw was the Chocolate all thru it!

I guess I was visited my the soap gremlins last night!! Oh well, it still smells devine!! :drool:

Thanks for looking!!

Steph in tx

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Thanks ladies!! I really do enjoy making these soaps!! I used to be soo afraid, because of the lye....but once I mixed it and took all the precautions, I was hooked!!:D

Islandgirl, it sure smells edible...just ask my grandson!! :laugh2:

Chris, because you are experienced soaper! :highfive:

Must step away from the computer now....lol

Steph in tx

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Yes...it's true!! I've been bitten hard....;) It's so much fun coming up with using new oils, butters, and which fragrance to use next :rolleyes2 LOL!!

So far so good! But I'm hoping I can keep those nasty gremlins away...while I play!!

Steph in tx

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