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Dip Bears- What do you put the bear on when selling them or giving as a gift so that a person could say put them on a table and not have to worry about them ruining the wood?

I was thinking plastic doily's but they have holes in them so that won't work. Can someone give me some suggestions as to what to use to put them on so they don't ruin something?

I would like to find some pie tins that people used to use for making pies that have the scallop or fancy edging but have no idea where to find them. I don't think they have them in stores any more.

I want to keep a uniform look for all my bears so they all have the same look when package even if they aren't the same type of bears.

I did one bear and love it. But I need to find something to put it on before I package it so whoever receives it can take it out and sit it on something without worries.

TIA to anyone who can offer some help. :D

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yep i do the same thing.. i go to my Family Dollar Store or Dollar Store General and they have glass plates in the candle isle and i use those.. they work wonderfully.. for the bears.. it also makes the bears look very nice and elegant sitting atop a pretty decorative plate.. hope this helps you out..

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I use to use different things all very cute but mostly I use the little clear plastic plates they use for reception plates or weddings for the refreshments. They are about 4 or 6 inches & they are light weight for shipping or just for packaging plus they look nice. Seems to work good & my customers like it. I think they are about $10.00 for 50 at Sam's Club.:highfive:

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