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Fragrance blues


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Lately when I have been burning my candles they have been making me sort of sick. I especially get a funny sore throat feeling. They never bothered me before. Anybody else have a similar problem? I hope it's just temporary.

allergy season?

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some of my scents make me feel sick when i burn them it is the ones i could not stand when i was making them. i leave a window open sometimes a door when i make candles any more. it seems to help with feeling sick. that way it is not so strong in the house. it seems to help with wonting to smell them burning later.

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I remember a couple of months back, during the winter, when everyone was talking about getting sore throats or a headache while they were pouring candles. Go to search and type in sore throat and it will come up with a respirator subject line in one of the hits. Since we are constantly working with fragrance and wax, it would probably be beneficial to get a face mask, especially when dealing with some strong scents. I believe some thought that it is more of a problem during the winter because we keep the house closed up. Something to think about, safety first!

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