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My First candles!!!!!!!!

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My first two candles are poured and I have to say they look pretty darn good for a candle pouring virgin! LOL! ;) I guess the true test will be when I burn! I poured the cranberry marmalade in an 8oz sq mason jar with an LX22 wick. I added my fragrance at 160 degrees and poured around 120. The tops are smooth and good glass adhesion.

I want to try the Hemp cored wicks. Does anyone else here use those in soy?

Here they are....what do you guys think?


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Nice job on those. I would also pour the second one a little lower the next time. You really don't want it that far up in the neck of the jar. It will not give you a true burn until you get it a little further into the jar. Congrats on your first ones! :yay:

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Congratulations on your first candle! Now all your candle spending money will be candle supply money, plus some. :wink2:

BTW, hemp wicks have been discussed a bit, and some of those threads can be brought up with the search function. 'hemp wicks'

Happy burning! :smiley2:

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