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Used Monoi in my hair - embaressingly greasy

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I had been using the Monoi de Tahiti in my hair, just two small squirts to stop the frizziness, and it was making my hair feel really soft,

but I did notice it was looking 'greasy' after about a week,

well someone said to me one morning........

"You're hair is still wet, you just had a shower!"

Meanwhile, ya I just had a shower but my hair was dry,

but the monoi was making my hair shiny and greasy looking.....

sniff sniff.......so I'm down to one squirt a week.

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Too much of a good thing! :wink2:

A co-worker of mine has been using it on her long "straw dry" color treated hair, but just the ends I think... She loves it!

I put it on my short hair once! I had to wash it out. Took two washes to remove it. I can see how it could build up easily.

Good luck finding just the right amount for your hair. :cheesy2:

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You just need a bit rubbed into your hands and then wipe through the hair especially the ends. I used it as a hot oil treatment on my colored permed, sun damaged hair and I love how it conditioned my hair. The gal that cuts my hair noticed the difference too. Don't give up on it ... try just a tiny bit.

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Monoi de Tahiti is coconut oil.

I was putting all through my hair *about 4 squirts a morning.

My hair is very curly and long. It was really helping define the curls and

it looked great, but it had that 'wet' look to it, still later in the day.

My least intention is to make people think I have greasy,

unclean unwashed hair but it was feeling so good, and soft!

It also made my hair easier to brush!

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I luv monoi, I can definetely tell a difference in my hair(for the better). A couple times a week I put it on my hair before bedtime, then wrap my hair in a bun. Shower the next morning and my hair is softer, not greasy at all- I still end up with those pesky split ends.:mad: But yes my hair looks greasy when I go to bed monoi'd up- thank goodness I sleep alone, LOL.

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I use Monoi in my hair, but only as a deep conditioner. About once every 1-2 weeks, I lube up my hair with Monoi, wrap it in a towel and go to bed. Wash it out in the morning. It makes my hair so soft and silky.

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