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amish harvest


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It smells awesome and is a great seller for me. There is also a goodly amount of a ginger bread scent in Amish Harvest. I live in Amish country and the Amish LOVE this scent. One Amish woman told me she "Wishes her kitchen smelled as good as the candle." I told her to buy one and maker wishes come true. She did. Then she found me at another festival and bought three more!


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What could I mix together to come close to this scent. I have a show soon and do not have time to order it. But is sounds divine. Would gingerbread, cinnamon stix, and something else (what) work. Thanks for all the reviews and suggestions would be wonderful.



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I make melts and fixins. Will use this also in jar candles. I use the harvest and wanted to use another fall harvesty scent with another touch to it and this combo sounds interesting. I was thinking abount mixing gingerbread and cinnamon stix and something with a nutty or vanilla or maybe appley tone to it. what do you think?

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