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My first Chunky

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Those look good, Lola. Like your ball. I just did one for the 1st time last Saturday. I have a 3", 2 piece, al mold that doesn't have a wick hole, but the bottom of the mold (or the top depending upon one's perspective) has a small'ish circle by which I can pour wax into the mold. Here's an idea that you might find useful if you have the same kind of mold. After I poured the wax, I allowed it to set up, but before it got too hard I inserted a wick pin in thru the hole. The base of the wick pin sat on the outside of the mold. Even though the wick pin wasn't quite long enough to go all the way to the bottom of the mold (what is really the top of the candle), it was really easy to heat up a poker & stick it the rest of the way thru. This way, I don't have to drill a wick hole in my mold or my candle. Hope this makes sense.

On the one side, your chunk turned out really well, but, on the other side, I see you have the same kind of problem I do as far as getting the chunks up against the side of the mold.

I'm wondering what other ppl do. Should I figure out some way to get the chunks to stick to the side of the mold or ....?

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Thanks Mtngrl for the great idea for the round mold cuz that is the same mold that I have. will have to try that next time. Sure would be easier than drilling all the way thru the candle.

yep couldn't get one side of the chunky to show as much as the other side. Don't know why that is. I'm like you wonder if other people have this problem.

Thanks again.

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