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Got home late...


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...but had to finish the labels for the butter I made with my Monoi. I tweaked my regular recipe and was happy with the results. It sets up a little firmer than my other butters, but melts as smooth as silk.... So... I made up these labels. What do you think?


One has only the monoi oil scent and the other has sandalwood rose FO. Thanks for looking!

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Can't wait to try it!

Your sandalwood rose scent is addddicting!

My 5 year old son won't use anything else to wash his hair!

Not even my shampoo bars! Oh that little!

Love the labels.........I like the idea of the clear labels.

You really do a great job.

I do like it, when you do your scents in different fonts.....:cool2:

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Awesome look Brenda!!!! Gotta question for you. How did you get the 2 dots over the "e"?

Here's what to do: Type in the text you want, then select/highlight the letter you want to place the dots over. Go to the insert menu on your word processing program (I use Publisher). Select "insert symbol". This will bring up a chart on which you can find the "e" with the two dots over it (it is case sensitive so find the lower case e.) Select it and then click on the insert button, and voila, you've got it in your text!

Thanks for your feedback, ladies! :cheesy2:

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I love your labels! They look awesome!

It looks like your weight says "4oz container". You have to have the weight of the product on the label, not the weight including the container. So put an empty container on your scale, tare it, and then put on a container with your product in it and it'll give you your product weight. hth!

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