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Has anyone smelled Tickle me Pink from JS????


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What did you think of it????

paranoid.gif I'm alsmot afraid to post this, but I just can't get over this scent!!paranoid.gif

It smells just like cat pee to me-cat pee that someone tried to cover up with a slight perfumey scent.pukey.gif

Actually I got quite a few new samples that I just don't care for, I'm so bummed, but actually it's a good thing, cuz I sooo can't afford to buy any FO's anyway, just got these off the classy's-and now they're back on the classys! ;) LOL

Tickle me pink-this is just NASTY!


Tahitian Daquiri

Mimosa and Mandarin


Mega Melon

I know a lot of peeps say not to judge an FO OOB and to put it in wax first and then judge, but I'm sorry, when something smells as bad as this one (IMO) there is NO WAY I could even stand to put it in wax. pukey.gif

I'm wondering if anyone else thinks this one is nasty or if it's just me??

I really liked the name of it too, I thought it'd be great to have it for B&B and candles-NOT!!

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That is weird....I think it is just like a candy we ate as kids. I can't even come close to smelling cat pee. Sometimes my nose detects odd notes that are not there, and I think this must be the case here. I think BCN's cookies for santa is just like a big sweaty gym sock and BO mixed together...I hate it. LOL

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Michi, you really should put the Tahitian Dacquiri in wax. I just sent my tester to my friends house and she's loving it. Says it's throwing very strong!

I didn't care for the mega melon OOB either. Can't remember what Tickle Me Pink smells like....

I liked the mimosa mandarin but I got fuel when burning (but seems this wax always give me fuel with any citrus)

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Mimosa Mandarin is great in wax. Smells very similiar to MC Magenta Nectar. I think you might like it, so maybe try a little in a tart.

I haven't tried the Tickle Me Pink, but I got a sample of Sunshine this week and I think it smells like a@@. :lipsrseal

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Whoa! That's not good but how in the heck did you get that Mega Melon? That oil has been discontinued for like a year I think. That's when I used to get it. Perhaps your oils are bad? Did you say you got these on the classifieds?? If you got Mega then I'd guess that that's probably what happened.

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The oils were good, and some of them are new for Becky and I trust the gal I got them from. ;)

The Mega Melon didn't smell "off" nor did any of the others, I just didn't care for it, I don't even like real cantaloupe or honeydew etc. and this is what this smells like to me.

Maybe you're right Creative, that our noses just pick up scents differently, but I do know that I let my daughter smell it (without telling her MY opinion) and she said the same exact thing as i did, "smells like someone tried to spray perfume over cat pee!". ????

Hmm Angela, I'm in LOVE with the little jelly bean tarts I received from MaryAnn that were scented with MC magenta nectar, so maybe I'll hang on to the Mimosa Mandarin, but it sure doesn't smell anything like it OOB. YUCK

I just have a hard time putting scents into wax that stink OOB, it seems like such a waste to me. I did that when I first started making candles, b/c I kept hearing this, and wasted more time and wax throwing out stinky candles.

Oh well, I guess it's just me that thinks the tickle me pink stinks, even Becky thinks it's "fabulous and that girls of all ages should love it!!" ;)

I DO love sooo many of her oils, I think that's what makes me go "huh??" when I get an over the top more than stinky one. ;)

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I have learned not to smell oob. I did that with MC's fragrances. Big difference when I put them in the wax. I talked to a chemical manufacturer. There are certain chemicals they instill in the FO's to make them adhere to the wax. Sometimes they give off an extra odor. But when combined with hot wax they evaporate with the heat. So I wait until I pour then I judge.

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