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You guys have some amazing things on here

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I just come on here, and cruise this site for hours at a time. I love all the ideas that I am getting, and the things that I want to try. You all rock! I do have a question though, and being a newbie, I wasn't sure where to post it. I would appreciate any and all help.

I would like to know where I would go to find out how to do many of the things that you all are doing. For example, when I see someone post a picture of a pilar that is a bunch of different colors, and swirled around, and gorgeous, I am dying to try it. But, I have no idea how to begin to do it. Is there a place where how to's are posted?

Someone posted a crackle candle, and how to do it, and I can't wait to try it.

I appreciate anyone that can help me. Thanks!!!

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Welcome!!! If you pull up the archives from the old board on the home page, left hand side their are some ideas there, you could also do a search on this board. some times people look at others items and get ideas from them...I hope that helps a little..

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Looks like you've been lead in the right direction, so just wanted to welcome you to the board, and watch out this is an addiction you know!! :D

Be prepared to spend lots and lots of $$, not to mention all the time you'll be spending on here-time management baby-if anyone finds out how to do this, let me know please. :D LOL

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