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New scents to add to line

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I am at the point where I am ready to add new scents to my collection. So far I have the following:

Holiday Memories

Sugar Cookie

French Vanilla


Spring Fresh

Carmel Apple

Macinthosh Apple






Basil Nectarine

Orange Blossom


I just cannot decide what to add to this collection. There are way too many choices out there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to try some new FO suppliers since I am sort of fedup with my current supplier.



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In looking at your list, you seem to have a couple of categories covered, but I don't see many (if any) musky, sultry fragrances. They're my least fave, so I've had a hard time with them, too, but they sell great! I love these for that category:

-Tibetan Black Tea from WYW at BCN

-Tuscan Nights from Peak (not so much sultry, but nice and deep and round)

-Asian Sandalwood from Peak

I'll pop in as I think of more...

OH! I just noticed too that you don't have a Cranberry Spice or something like that - that is my best seller year-round, and I think that most people also do well with it. It's pretty basic, but it's a very attractive scent, and it would probably do well for you selling-wise. I get mine from BCN, but Millcreek also has a terrific one.

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I actually have 4 different categories: Fall/Christmas, Floral, Food/Drink, and I have increased my "Spa" line that I make in 8oz Cobalt Blue glasses.

This line consists of scents such as Citrus&Sage, Cucumber Melon, GreenTea & Lemongrass, and a few others.

CandleScience is supposed to be seriously expanding their scent line this year. ALL of their FO's are top notch. I also like BCN's WYW line too, as well as some of their regulars.

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