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Well this is scary

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There is a reason that I tend to stay away from these videos as they often make me want to scream. 


What I like about the video -

I just love her!  She has a great voice and wonderful presence.  And the finished product was very pretty.  But I have to say that there is definitely a difference between professional candle making and crafters.  There are definitely some things that she is doing that are just not safe.  The most glaring issue would be to NEVER heat the wax at 350F in an oven.  The flash point of most paraffin is about 325ish. 


If these candles actually have a scent when burning I would be super surprised.  And I know that the wick that she used from the 2.5" container in the 4" container will tunnel terribly.  If they burn at all.  Using tarts from the dollar store you would have not idea what they are made from.  They might be made from a material that is not meant to actually be burned.  And the color in tarts could be pigments which won't burn well. 


The other issue I have is if those jars are actually tempered or if they say "for decoration only" on the bottom.  I was trying to zoom into see... 


Things she got right - Hot gluing the wick to the bottom.  Yeah!   And they are super cute.  She knows how to decorate!


Cost of the candle without decorations from the dollar store (if everything is still $1) would be about $4.  Cost of buying the materials from an actual candle making supply place for just one candle would also be about $4.  More if you want to add scent.  But again, hers will not have a scent throw so I consider them unscented. 


I have no issue with folks just wanting to fool around and make something.  But I want them to do it safely.  And if you are going to buy things why not buy things that will actually work :)  Just my 2 cents.

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