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How many times to overdip

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Hello Everyone,

I am ready to try the 'canes with dried flowers. I bought both the tacky wax in a little cup and a block of the micro-chrystelline (sp?) wax. :yay: My question is how many times do I have to over-dip the 'cane. I plan on using hurricane wax (I think it's IGI 1260) should I over dip with that same wax?

Thanks for any suggestions!


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I dip twice and do it in 1343, straight paraffin. I'd dipped in hurricane wax the first couple times until Donita mentioned the 1343. The straight paraffin is more translucent and the designs/flowers will show through more.

As for holding... put your hands back to back, reach down inside the shell and spread your hands apart until you have a good hold on it. Make sure the grip is good cuz you don't want to drop it in the wax ;) Dip just deep enough for the wax to reach the rim. Sometimes I need to give a half deep dip as well to get rid of runs.

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