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first hurricane


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hi everyone. i'm new to the board and new to candle making. i was so anxious to jump right in and quickly found out that it's not as easy as i thought. i have a lot to learn. i've been at it for a couple of weeks now and was dying to try a hurricane.

the only problem was when i was taking it out of the mold the bottom broke off. don't know why that happened - maybe my wax wasn't hot enough.

whaddya think?




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Not bad for a 1st try.

Did you allow the bottom portion to completly (or nearly so) cool before you did the walls? If so, that may be why it fell apart.

I or others might be more helpful if we knew your process for making your hurricane. Did you keep notes?

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thanks for the quick reply!

yes i did let it cool almost completely.

i didn't have wax specifically for hurricanes so i used 4625 pillar just cuz i was dying to make one. i used a large margarine container and poured about 1/4" 175F wax in the bottom and let it cool almost completely. then i put a smaller margarine container half filled with cold water (to weigh it down) in the middle of the larger one. i put potpourri between the 2 containers and then poured my wax at 175F, waited about 20 minutes and poked holes all the way around and poured more wax at 175F, again waited around 20 minutes, poked more holes and then did my last pour at 175F again.

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I thought it might have been something like that. ;) I'm going to look in a candle making book I have 'cuz I seem to recall a similar process. In the meantime, if you ever want to get any 'cane molds I've found that www.pourette.com offers the best price & 3 or 4 different shapes. If you decide to go that route, you'll probably want to get an insert for the mold.

edited to add: the book I have says to pour the bottom & let it cool 'til it's hard. I know from doing layers that one wants to pour the next layer once the 1st layer is just firm enough to support the new layer. I'm not sure how to best guide you in this method of 'canes. Do you have a heat gun? I wonder if it would be effective to soften the bottom layer, add your bowl, etc to improve adhesion between your layers. If Donita makes a post to your thread, perhaps she can give you better advice since she is THE queen of (flower) 'canes.

Another suggestion would be to increase the temp of your 2nd pour by 10*s or so to improve adhesion.

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I agree with Satin Ducky as i like them made in one shell to. To tell you the truth i neaver heard of them being made in two parts like this till now. You did great though for a first time, but maybe you should get use to one piece first as it might be easier. I must have missed this two piece way. Good luck and welcome to the board, your off to a good start. Lin

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