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Just Scent Fo's ....new Order


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Becky is addicting with her fragrance oils coming out so fast and furious!!!

Ordered two more sampler packs today:

Mimosa Mandarin

Pink Peppercorn

Asian Spice

Tropical Rain

Decadent Poundcake

Sweet Tarts

Cucumber Melon

Kapalua Bay

Koko Aloalo


Sea Mist

Chai Tea

Starfruit and Mango

Any goods or bads on any of these? Of course I already read the review on the Mimosa Mandarin and the Asian Spice. Anymore comments? Love to hear the feed back.....


Denise :cool2:

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I love and swear by the kapalua bay! awesome in candles & b&b! I am going to cp it tonight too!

The koko aloalo is not my cup of tea! It is not light and tropical like you would expect. It is kind of purfume-ish. It is funny because I picked that one and when I did Becky recommended the Kapalua Bay. I liked her choice better!

I like the sanatrini too. Good throw. I can't think right now, to describe 'em better for ya.

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I love the Chai tea but didnt get it to hold well in the batch I used. Did HP with no water discount. Will try again and add a bit more, though, as it's an incredible scent. Haven't tried in candles yet or other bath and body. Have a dozen of her samplers and love almost all

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Is this like the one Missy's had? If so I loved it.

I'm pretty sure that Becky said that this one was the one that Missy had. It smells awesome too. She said it will come back around March, since it's seasonal.

The Chai Tea smells really great OOB. I just got my sample last night, so I haven't had a chance to put it in wax yet. It is really spicey and a little sweet, but very different.

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