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Is it Wet Spots or Air Pockets?

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What is the difference between wet spots and air pockets. I thought I understood until I read Henyk's post about CBA...:confused:


IMO, version 1 and 2 are very similar as far as hot and cold throw goes, its hard for me to differentiate for throw but either of them benifit greatly from aging a bit. The version 1 seemed to get wet spots sooner than version 2 for me, and version 2 got air pockets more often than 1 (actually I don't think I had any problems with version 1 in this regard), so thats when some folks started to add 3 to 5% stearic to version 2. Neither of them frosted hardly at all for me, but if you burn them, you will see some some very slight frost on the re-hardened meltpool on top of very dark-dyed candles.

Thanks :)

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If you have a container candle and see a part of the colored wax is darker while the rest of the container is lighter, then by definition, everything BUT that dark spot is the "wet spot". The dark spot(s) is where the wax IS adhearing to the glass, the lighter part(s) is where the wax has pulled away from the glass. By definition, then, if you have a container where ALL the wax has pulled away and there "are no wet spots" then it is actually one giant entire wet spot.

To me the definition of a "wet spot" was always confusing. It always seemed to me to be the exact opposite of what it was proported to be.

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Thanks Vicky CO and HenryK for the clarification.

Yes Henry you are right, it is confusing to say the least but I think I get it now :)

I have seen first hand the wetspots that you have described (and described quite well I might add).

Now just to get rid of them.....

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