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Is this a crazy idea?

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Ok...here’s my dilemma, I need to test a bunch of new FO with different size wicks and in different fragrance loads. (Normal candle work) The pain-in-the-a$$ part is cleaning out my pouring pitcher between FO. I’m thinking About pouring my testers without wicks, poke a hole and add wicks so it will easier to switch out when I need to test different wick sizes....what will I screw up if I mix my melted wax and FO directly in my glass candle container — bypassing the pouring pitcher?  (I can mix easily without a wick in place...) Obviously, I will need to retest, with a complete burn when i *think* I have the right wick identified (and won’t object to using my pouring pitcher because most of the time I’ll go on and make 3-6 candles)...I’m just wondering how to streamline my first testing without pouring candles with wrong wicks that will sit around wasted....or using a pouring pitcher that will have to be cleaned SO WELL (and take LOTS of cleaning time) between dIfferent FO...


Have any of you done that before?  Am I nuts? Missing some basic principle because It’s late and I’ve had a few glasses of wine???  Thoughts please...

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I did this when I was beginner.  I think this method saved me a lot of time and money.  It will also help you understand what is going to happen if you pour at higher temperature than recommendation, which will not affect wick testing result.

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If I'm only pouring one candle at a time, I use yogurt tubs as my pour pots. The big 2lb tubs (I eat a lot of yogurt, lol). I wash them up and save them with my candle supplies, then I have a bunch of disposable pour pots when I'm pouring testers or single candles for my own use. The tubs can handle fairly high temps, certainly well within the range for container paraffins and soy.

When I'm pouring small amounts of palm wax, I have a little 1lb pour pot. I just wipe it well with a paper towel between pours. If I'm pouring similar fragrances, it's a quick swipe. If I'm going from, say, a cinnamon bun to an ocean scent, I will wipe it out very well while it's still warm. It's fast and easy.

I have not had any problems with frangrance transfer with the wipe and pour method.


Persoanlly I wouldn't feel okay about mixing in the glass container, but I tend to be accident prone. 😅

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