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  1. I did know that The Flaming Candle purchased from TWWC, didn’t realize they all did. I hope my luck with them continues.
  2. Thank you for the info. What company did you buy your wooden wicks from? I have never purchased that many at a time. I have had good luck with the ones that I buy.
  3. Thank you! It’s a question that has been nagging at me, because I have ppl saying they never trim wicks, that they usually trim themselves. I will just go with the best possible options. I buy my wood wicks from The Flaming Candle, once I figured out the correct size to trim, I haven’t had any problems. I have tested the sample pack from The Wooden Wick Co. I found I have great results just going with the Small, Medium of large options. Thanks again for your reply. 🕯
  4. Thank you both for replying. That explains a lot.
  5. This may be a silly question, but does anyone know if big candle companies use the same wicks that we do, Htp, CD, Eco, etc? It just seems to me, that their wicks burn differently. Also, one candle that I was using had a small round wick base, and it wasn’t a small wick. I haven’t seen that on the wicks, we all seem to be using. The only brands I haven’t tried are, premiere, RRD, & CSN. I keep thinking, I must be missing something, I’ve been testing over a year & still have not found the perfect wicked candle. I use a lot of wood wicks, but really want a good cotton wick candle. I use
  6. I do this. Someone in a FB group recommended this. It works.
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