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Shipping Clamshells

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22 minutes ago, CaptnKush said:

How do you guys package Clamshell melts for shipping , do you use padded envelopes or boxes with bubble wrap and popcorn? Got our first official sale that wasn't a friend on Etsy. Woooot.


Awesome, congratulations! :partywhooo: 

You bring up a good question, I'd like to know too. I don't sell yet but I've been contemplating how I would package up my clamshell and portion cup melts for shipping too. Dare I say, I've seen some YouTube videos, LOL, that show people shipping clamshells & portion cups with bubble wrap in a padded envelope but personally, I'm not comfortable with that, they can still bend and get broken. Eventually a disaster will strike and bad reviews will follow. I think I will use some sort of dunnage and put them in a box for protection, even if it is a thin, gift box. 


Can't wait to hear how the experienced sellers are doing this.

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I've used a padded env with extra bubble for 3 or less but anything else I use a box and bubble or sometimes those air inflated things if I don't have the right size box.  I try to fit all in a regional rate B box as it seems to be the cheapest but sometimes have to use fedex.

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