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Problems with Layered Pillar

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I poured my first layer a light blue at 175 degree in a heated aluminum mold, I poured 1/2 of a 3" x 4 1/2". I waited till it formed a layer and I poked relief holes. I poured the second layer a darker shade of blue at 185 degree. Well there was a horizontal line where the second layer starts and there where many white horizontal lines on the second layer. If my son brings his digital camera over within the hour I will post a pic. Did I not pour the second layer hot enough? I really wanna make some nice layered pillars, anyone know of any good sites that may have some good suggestions?

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This is the best site out there for learning techniques. If you do some researching and searching here, you'll find all kinds of information on layers.

The lines throughout your second pour sound like jump lines. Yes, those are caused from pouring too cool or into a cool mold.

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And the definite white horizontal line may mean you waited too long in between pours.

One technique:

If your bottom layer has completely hardened but has not pulled away from the sides of the mold, you can use a heat gun (if you have one - guess you could use a hair dryer)) and heat the top of the layer until its slightly melted, then add the next darker layer. They will usually blend. This doesn't work well when making layer from different colors, like white and red.

However, if your first has pulled away from the sides of the mold, your second layer will run down over it.

Another technique:

Let the first layer set up until it has hardened on the top, but is still soft on the bottom (it takes a little practise to know whne to do this). Don't poke holes yet. Pour the next layer and then poke your holes like you would ordinarily do. This is the method I prefer, but sometimes have to resort to the first one when I let the candle.

You may want to practise on smaller candles with no FO to save money.

As previously said, your jump lines on the rest of the candle can be from the wax being too cold, pouring too slow, a cold mold. Hth.

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