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Zebra Z6M Printer for Labels


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So I wanted to make custom warning labels for my candles.  Put my name and logo and website on them.  I looked into custom labels but they were just so much more expensive and how many do I order.  100, 1000, 10,000?


I did not want to use a inkjet or laser printer as those labels can smudge some or run.


Many years ago I did some IT work for a guy that some coffee to gift shops.  His ploy was single pot custom labeled packets.  So the store could have their own "brand" and various flavors.  To label the coffee packets he used a Zebra Thermal printer with these ribbons.  These Zebra printers are NOT heat transfer ones that need special labels.


I did a little searching on ebay and found an old Zebra Z6mplus for $180 shipped.  Now this printer has not been made in 11 years.  But it was worth the gamble.  I got the printer and then came time to hook it up.  Well none of my computers have a parallel port.  So I found they sold a network adapter for it.  $25 I spent on that.  I download the FREE version or Seagull Bartender software they have now, drivers Seagull has for the printer.  I had some old 2" round labels on a spool laying around and after few hours I was printing custom warning labels, and almost the same price I was buying preprinted ones.  The $200 I invested will pay off in no time.   And the fact that I have some old 2" labels that would of never been used is even better.


The only thing is I wish I purchased the 300 dpi model rather than the 203dpi version.  Printing on a small 2" label would of made a difference for sure.  I think I can replace the print head in this with the 300 dpi version but I need to do more research.




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The ribbon I do not think has changed at all.  It is still the same stuff from years ago.


Primera is working great.  I haven't used it as much as I have wanted to yet, but hopefully start picking up some.  I have been so busy doing other stuff I have finsihed designing a new label that I am happy with to put on my new glass jars.

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Slightly off topic and silly question, but I'm sure people have run into this with their circular warning labels.  My jars have a concave bottom, so when I put round labels on them, there are wrinkles and look crappy.  Have you run into this with your bottles @MilosCandles?  Or do you put these warning labels somewhere else on those containers?

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