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Lemon Pound Cake


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wax used: Soy 444

fragrance load (%): 8%

average cure time: at least a week

Wax additives: none

container size 10 oz dodecagon 

Cold throw: good

Hot Throw: excellent

Other notes: This scent smells just like lemon pound cake, so good and strong!  One of my favorite scents and a best seller.  In fact, I just had a customer here at my house who was only going to buy 2 candles.  So she paid for her 2, then as we were talking, she picked up the Lemon candle and smelled it and decided she had to have it too.

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wax used: 4630

fragrance load (%): 6.25%

average cure time: ~ 1 week

Wax additives: none

container size 4 oz tin

Wick:  Zinc Core 

Cold throw: good (8/10)

Hot Throw: excellent (9/10)

Nice bakery scent.  Very nice lemon mixed with sugar/baked goods fragrance.  Throws really well!

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