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I'm not sure if this falls under candlemaking or not. I need help with labels.


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I make my candles in the regular type 8 oz tins like the ones from candle science. I can't for the life of me find what size label will fit the side. Or should I just do the circle labels on the lids? I would like to eventually do both, but finding the right size is nearing impossible for me.

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The size label I have on my 8oz tin on the front of the tin  is 2 1/4" wide x 1 1/4" Tall and they look real nice.   Now you could go much wider if you wanted but the height you can't. You could even go with a complete wrap around label if you wanted.


For a round label on the lid, a 2 1/2" diameter round label is very nice.  The label on the tin lid in picture looks like Fido's butt as the it got messed up by the printer as the red border wasn't even all the way around...but you can at least see what it would look like on the lid.














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Fun seeing what a small label looks like on a tin. I have a tin from Frostbeard Studio "Soy Candles for Booklovers" that uses a full wraparound label. The lid is printed (not labeled) with their brand and the bottom of the tin is printed with the warning info. The wraparound label is mostly graphic design with the candle name and fragrances. So many branding/label options...

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