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  1. I'm having such a hard time finding a wax that works for me. I've used 464, 415 and joy wax from Nature's Garden. Nothing I do gets a good hot throw from any of them. I'm open to any kind of wax except beeswax. I'm currently working with joy wax and I love working with it, it's justreally picky about the fragrances and as for the two soy waxes I've used i got zero got throw from either. I've done tons of testing with wicks, fragrance amounts, temperatures. Sofar I've had the best luckwith joy wax. I'm most definitely done with the soy. Any tips or suggestions on different waxes. I'd really love to try just paraffin.
  2. I'm just curious as to if you can burn a candle and set it back in the shelf to continue to cure. I know it sounds like a stupid question but I want to test the hot throw day by day and don't want to burn a bunch of candles for my little experiment. I don't hope to achieve anything with my experiment it's just my own curiosity.
  3. Courtney

    Sink holes.

    Thank you. Pouring at a higher temperature fixed it.
  4. I use 464 soy and I just switched from tins to mason jars. I'm getting super huge sink holes in them. All of them. I haven't done anything different. Maybe I should? I pour at about 135 and it always gave me a nice smooth finish in the tins. I don't know what to do to fix it.
  5. Courtney

    Mason jar cracked?

    What temp do you recommend pouring? I've heard so many different opinions on the matter.
  6. I so far in this candle making journey have been using the tins. I tried it mason jars last night and I checked on them this morning to find a small crack in one. It's just very small and didn't go all the way through the wall of the glass. I use 464 soy wax, I poured at about 135. Are there any tips to prevent this? In the picture below as you can tell it just looks like a deep scratch.
  7. I poured them at about 125 degrees. Someone who makes candles told me that adding at a lower temp would help increase the throw because adding too hot makes it evaporate. I'm still in the learning process. Also what temp do you recommend pouring at?
  8. Hi, I just made my first batch of soy candles with 415 soy wax. After reading more on the subject. I was surprised when my candle actually had a heat throw. Not very strong and its only noticeable after the candle had burned for an hour. They have an amazing cold throw very strong. I only lit this one to test the wicks. I let it cure for 5 days. I added the FO at 130-135 degrees. I added 1 oz FO per pound of wax. Very little dye. I know it probably needs to cure a bit longer but are there any tips for getting the throw stronger? Also is there a certain soy wax that holds fragrance better? I know it's all trial and error but I would love any help I could get. Thanks!
  9. Thank you so much. Those are the size tins I use and looks exactly like what i wanted.
  10. I make my candles in the regular type 8 oz tins like the ones from candle science. I can't for the life of me find what size label will fit the side. Or should I just do the circle labels on the lids? I would like to eventually do both, but finding the right size is nearing impossible for me.
  11. It's a 8 oz metal tin and the darker ring was completely liquid and set up with a little layer of what looked and felt like granulated wax in some spots. They're all solidified now. So I guess I'll have to keep an extra close eye on my next batch in case it happens again.
  12. It was marketed on Amazon for use in candle making and it was my first time buying anything for candle making so I didn't really think to check reviews. But the outside of the candles was completely liquified and not slushy at all. It was also from the same bag of wax as the others. I used a heat gun and reheated it a bit and it hardened up after that. I made the first few batches in the morning when it was cooler and the other around midday and it was like 90 degrees in the house so I'm thinking the temperature also played a part in it as well. But I only used 1 ounce of FO per pound for all batches and I've had none seepe out so far.
  13. I use a double boiler and I definitely keep a check on the temp the entire time. I will try another batch and see what happens.
  14. I used 415 soy from golden brands, I got it from Amazon and I used barrier reef, Caribbean escape and Honolulu sun from eternal essence. I made others with the same things and they turned out great.
  15. I just started making soy candles. I'm using 100% soy wax. So today I'm making them. I made 5 batches that turned out beautifully. But my last three are completely cooled down but only the center of them hardened. I didn't do anything different I actually put less dye flakes in them than the others. I don't know what went wrong. Any tips you can give me? All 9 candles look like the one below.