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New Fillmore scent


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hello everyone I have to share my thoughts on the new fragrance at Fillmore and another from Cierra that I poured. First the new Tomato Leaf from Fillmore is awesome. Not something I would ever burn myself but I have had a few people ask for it so I figure I would give it a try. I have ordered a few others but none of them actually smelled that great but the Fillmore one was spot on. I had a craft fair yesterday and believe it or not I sold everyone I had. 

The other scent is the Black Licorice from Cierra candles. I love the scent of Black Licorice and I know it is one that you either love or hate. I also sold all of that I had yesterday. It is one of those scents that brings back a childhood memory, a feel good feeling. I am ordering more of both of these today. 

Both were poured in GB/AAK 444


Karen in MA

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33 minutes ago, mzpickles said:

I'm also happy to hear good things about Fillmore's Tomato Garden. CS also has a new Tomato Leaf fragrance oil, has anyone tried that yet?

 I had ordered a sample of it to compare. Out of the bottle it is similar along with the Lush Linen to Luxe Linen.

Karen in MA

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