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hi all, I've now completed my website, which has taken me months and months.  It's been open for around 6 weeks, but I am still yet to receive one order.  I have advertised on facebook and instagram and still nothing.  The website is www.armoniecandles.com.au  


Would you be kind enough to look through and give me some construction feedback, maybe what its lacking, what else to add etc etc.


I have added all the tags, and google words to each item.  I cannot afford an SEO company, so if anyone has any suggestions to help me with this also.  I've added all the usual words to search, candles, wax melts, wax tarts, melts, tarts etc etc.  



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I had a web site for many years, and I hope this helps? There aren't many candle scent selections yet on the site, but you're off to a good start. You only have four scents. I noticed on your Wax Melts section that your first item listed is "out of stock". I would just hide it from sight until it is back in stock. Add more scents here, too. The site looks slick and ready to roll, now you need to fill it up with a lot more content, which includes using keywords and text throughout the site. Write about what the candles are made of, what the warmers are made of, peppering your descriptions with SEO keywords. Write about occasions for gift giving, i.e., Birthday Gifts, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc. When people search for gifts, they will probably use one of those keywords in search. I spent many late nights adding text and inventory items to my site. 


Also, tell your story of how your business was started, and make it interesting. People want to know who you are, etc. Are you a family business? How long have you been in business? You must establish trust when selling online, so they feel like they know who they are dealing with.


I will have to say, you've only been up for six weeks, it takes quite a long time to get ranked by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. search engines. It could be months. Your site may not appear in search for several pages, and people will typically click on the first page or second page results. Some will venture further, but it takes a great deal of time to get listed in search engines and you won't get ranked for quite some time. 


Your best bet is to keep enriching your content so that when someone searches, they can find you. I hope any of this helps?



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Adding onto what @Hopie suggested, make sure to get your site out there. I did YouTube, and had a website years ago, from my experience Facebook, Twitter, and stuff like those, are not that great for starting up, unless you have 10k followers, the reason is over half of your followers will not see your post, unless they actually look at your profile. Reddit, and sites I traded on with my info posted in my signature actually better results. Also make sure if your not, use Google Analytics, to see were your traffic comes from. 


In time which it takes a lot of for websites trust me, its a waiting game. You will see results, but your design and layout is very nice, and the most important thing that you nailed is it's easy to navigate.

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It takes a lot of hard,  old fashioned marketing to “your” customers to grab web orders. 


Do you sell in person? I discovered that my people won’t shop online until long after the selling season, but just before the new selling season. It’s more of an online catalog they like to read.

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Could also be that your we site address. If you forget to type the .au, or if your computer, like mine, dropped the .au, it first goes to some scary looking Greek (I think) site. At first I thought I was being hijacked. 

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Oh my god, I've just typed in armoniecandles.com and seen the site come up too.  It is using an old logo design that I was playing with through 99 designs, even the flame design is almost the same as what was being used.  
When I was searching for domain names, I'm almost positive I searched for .com only and nothing was being used.  


I'm worried now that some of potential customers could accidently leave off the .au and then end up on that site.  


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