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Need to buy more warning labels, can't remember where I bought the last ones...

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So where are you guys purchasing round, sticky warning labels that go on the bottoms of container candles?  I know the text I want on it, I just can't remember where I bought the last bunch from so I thought I'd ask here for a good place these days.  Heck, the place I bought from originally may be out of business now anyway.  I go through these things so slowly that it's taken yeeeeears to finish up one manilla envelope of them.  Thanks, guys!

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I bought 2400  (100 sheets) of 1 5/8" round labels from Desktopsupplies.com for $12.95 and make my own.  Once you get the first sheet's text aligned, it's easy to print off a few sheets when you need them.


I also use these labels on the lids of scent shots.

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