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Hello there from Misty


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I've been putting off doing my intro for too long so here we go...


Hello ūüėä I'm a former candlemaker and looking forward to getting back into it. I stopped making/selling about 15 years ago due to my health. I tried to jump back into it a few years after stopping¬†with failed results since I tried to take on too much and my body smacked reality into me.¬†My health still is a pain in my butt with severe Fibromyalgia and a rare sleep disorder called Idiopathic Hypersomnia plus a list of other crap that trickles along with them. I've learned how to accept my chronic pain and excessive sleep more better so I'm giving it a go again. This time I'm not going to have a varied product¬†line and keep reality in mind on what I can handle- so¬†I've decided after lots of thought it's¬†¬†just wax melts for me. I'm not saying they are below anything to others who only make melts. They just will fit me and some limitations I experience and everyone's different.¬†¬†I do feel it's taking me forever to actually get my going this time. In part it's my fear of failing again even though I won't know unless I try right?! It bothers me¬†that I cant take on as much products as before.¬†I¬†even missed it so much I decided to sell Scentsy for about 6 months or so.¬†Knowing handmade is much better quality it ended up driving me nuts seeing numerous bars of Scentsy¬†seep oil and colors¬†fading over only a few months. Selling premade product is nothing like making it yourself. I thought Scentsy would fill that empty spot in my heart left after no longer selling my products¬†but it didn't. Sorry for that long post lol...but that's where I'm at. Sounds like I was in a counseling session sorry lol. I forgot how much stuff it takes to start a wax based business though. I'm still in the process of obtaining supplies. Lots other research too which I enjoy doing though. Im finishing up my branding currently and finalizing the rest...then it's show time.¬†


So here's the about me part lol...I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two teen boys. We have three rescue dogs and love animals a lot. Husband works at our local no-kill animal shelter. Myself I'm not working so hope once up amd running my business does well. A Midwest girl who was born, raised and still reside in Central Illinois.  I'm a foodie that loves to cook and *cough* my bodies starting to show it now ha. Lets see what else...well I'm a true paranormal lover, researcher and overall fanatic...to the point those are the movies/shows I watch to relax me. Okay I will be frank thats about all I watch other than murder and mystery. Love to research things and family thinks I take it to extremes at times.  Never really know what to say in these so hope this was worth your time reading. Any questions though just ask me since im a open book otherwise. I'm happy to be here and thanks for taking the time to read my intro. 

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Hi Misty, I grew up in central Illinois outside of Springfield. I was lucky enough to have an old abandoned cemetery to explore in the back fields near our house!  Never saw/heard a ghost, but we sure enjoyed them at our yearly weiner roasts. (okay, I have to admit we never said weiner - we said "weiney". But hey - we were kids and it involved hot dogs and smores so the name was never an issue for us)


Welcome to the forum. I'm brand new myself and about to go introduce myself...

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